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New Dawn of Hope Foundation is a non-profit corporation specializing in the needs of the disabled community and offering moral, physical, and spiritual support to people with other various medical conditions, making them feel more included and involved in all aspects of community life such as proper health care, education, financial inclusion, employment, and training; etc.

The Non-Profit Corporation will be mainly focused on rural areas or disadvantaged communities. New Dawn of Hope Foundation strives to take South Africa by storm through giving hope and a promising turning point to the dampened conditions of the disabled and medically challenged community.

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Our goal is to ensure support, inclusivity; equality and full attainable rights on people with both visible and invisible disabilities such as vision impairments; deaf or hard of hearing; mental health conditions, intellectual disability, acquired brain injury, autism spectrum disorder, physical disorder or deformation, speech and language disability as well as other medical challenges like Cleft and lip palate; cancer, HIV/AIDS, heart conditions, kidney problems, lung infection, major injuries and many others (there is really no limit to this aspect).

  • We are committed to working in collaboration with people who have all kinds of disabilities and various medical conditions, their support structure and the community as a whole; changing the narrative and breaking the stigma through sensitization and awareness programs.
  • To encourage the differently-abled’ full integration into society and to support them in achieving their full potential, building a society in which people with disabilities and health defects have confidence and high self-esteem regardless of their unique differences and health challenges.

The mission is to remove the physical, legal, stigmatization and socio-economic barriers and make it possible for the disabled and medically challenged to live independently and participate fully in their communities.

The team

Meet the team behind everything

Miss L Sithole


Miss S.M Molala


Miss N.M Hobyane


Mrs M.P Ngwenya



This are all the events coming

We help those under our care to better understand the opportunities and careers that are available for them and accommodate their difference capailities

June 01 at 09:00 am

Community Centre

Come join us as we enjoy the day, playing sports with the kids and raising awareness and also discovering hidden talents..

June 01 at 09:00 am

Community Centre

Come join the workshop that will help you and your startup business to grow to the empire you dreamed off.

June 01 at 09:00 am

Community Centre

“Leaving a legacy of HOPE”

New Dawn of Hope Foundation is a non-profit corporation specialising in the needs of the Specially-abled community

Objectives & Action plan

  • Proper healthcare
  • Employment opportunities
  • Spiritual &
    emotional counselling
  • Social security protection
  • Education and training

We aim for a proper healthcare for people with all kinds of disabilities because people with disability face widespread barriers in accessing services, such as those for healthcare (including medical care, therapy and assistive technologies), particularly in rural communities. People with disability experience poorer healthcare access than people without disability, due to the higher rates of poverty. Our action plan supports the World Health Organisation’s continuing work to ensure access for persons with disabilities to health care services, including rehabilitation, habitation and assistive devices, and to improve disability data collection, analysis and monitoring and promote knowledge, social awareness and understanding of disability in surrounding public hospitals.

The other aim is to offer physical, financial and moral support to those families and patients who have to undergo multiple surgeries and chronic medication just to let them know that they are not alone as the whole process can take a lot of strain. And that they don’t have to bear it all by themselves, New Dawn of Hope Foundation is there to hold their hand.

The other issue that the disabled community faces is the lack of employment opportunities. They struggle to get jobs and keeping them due to discrimination and lack of inclusive facilities designed to accommodate them. We want to ensure that people with health conditions and disabled people have an equal opportunity to access jobs and be able to steer their own futures. We are planning on liaising with the department of labour and recruitment agencies on how we can assist the disabled people become properly integrated into the workplace. According to the code of good practice, "When opportunities and reasonable accommodation are provided, people with disabilities can contribute valuable

skills and abilities to every workplace, and contribute to the economy of our society." And that is our aim, ensuring that there are no barriers or handicaps that limit or restrict the participation of people with disabilities and other health deficits in the workplace nor discrimination or biasness according to the Employment Equity Act in the hiring or recruitment process against the disabled community and those struggling with health conditions.

There is not enough patience or support from employers with employees who constantly have to go for doctor’s visits or check ups or having more sick leaves that normal. Therefore, they are unfairly treated or unfairly dismissed. That is where we come in as New Dawn of Hope Foundation to liaise with workplace unions to ensure that they are not unfairly dismissed due to medical conditions.

This is where bringing hope and a promising turning point to the dampened comes in. In as much as proper health care, employment opportunities, education, financial support, food and clothing provision; are important basics in the lives of the disabled and health challenged, spiritual and mental health stability is just as important as the other elements to balance their life equation. What we aim as the New Dawn of Hope Foundation is to provide spiritual counselling as we are born-again Christians, giving them living hope from God and his word and again work with rehabilitation counsellors which are also called disability counsellors since they help people with mental or physical disabilities to live independently in the larger community. Therefore, we will work hand in hand with the rehabilitation counsellors to provide personal and vocational counselling services to the differently-abled and those battling with debilitating illnesses in an effort to help them become self-sufficient.

Social protection is important for persons with disabilities in order to reduce their vulnerability, to support their economic empowerment, inclusion, participation and sustainable eradication from poverty. It has come to our attention that most households with disabled patients lose confidence that their standard of living will decline because they have to cover the disabled expensive or demanding medical care fees, and their income or social grant won’t sustain or cover most basic needs. Moreover, we want to ensure that social protection can foster social inclusion, and participation by ensuring effective access to food, healthcare, education and support services. 

At times, the disabled are not able to enjoy the full ride of their social grant benefits due to family members abusing those funds for their own wants instead of the disabled’s needs. We want to ensure that there are well designed social protection programmes that have the potential to improve the enjoyment of rights of persons with disabilities.

Children with disabilities have been excluded from the general education system and placed in special schools and in some cases, they are separated from their families and communities and placed in long-term residential institutions where they are educated in isolation from the community. This happens due to lack of accessibility, discriminations and prejudice; exclusion and segregation from mainstream school settings and inferior quality of education.

As New Dawn of Dawn of Hope Foundation, we want to work with the Human rights law to directly tackle these issues through placing obligations on the department of education to respect, protect, and fulfil the right to education of people with disabilities, through the implementation of inclusive education.

As New Dawn of Hope Foundation, we plan to host extracurricular activities in order to help the low self-esteemed disabled people and the medically challenged; to find themselves and know what they are good at and also boost their cognitive stimulation and physical strength. We can do this through sports, arts and crafts, games, debates, singing, reading books, knitting and sewing, learning new languages. Some of which will require assistance from different professionals such as cognitive therapist, physiotherapist, art teachers, language teachers etc.



New dawn of hope foundation welcomes volunteers, you can be a normal person who simply just want to help the best way you can or you can be a professional offering your services to the cause… We would also like to extend a request for medical professionals, doctors and nurses to also volunteer, since New dawn of hope foundation aims to deal with medical issues.